Garden Photography Service

If you’re looking for a new subject to capture, you can find some of the best ones in your own backyard. You can catch the beauty of the garden before it’s gone for the entire year. Whether it’s spring flowers starting to bloom or golden-red leaves in early autumn, you can capture the beauty and artistry of the garden in images that will last forever.

Even with a basic understanding of how to take photos, you can create stunning images in your own backyard. You have to keep in mind a few tips to creating the best photographs though.

The Best Time
While you might think that bright sunlight would be the best time to take photographs for stunning colors, it’s the worst time. Your camera will wash out the colors of your flowers as well as create harsh shadows that don’t allow you to see details. Instead, a good time to take photographs is in the morning or afternoon, but the absolute best time is when the day is overcast. It’ll give you the diffused light that softens the shadows and gives true color to the subject.

Composing the Scene
The biggest part of taking images is learning how to compose the scene properly. While you might want to run outside and start snapping away at your favorite parts of the garden, you need to think about what you’re actually seeing through the viewfinder. You want to make sure that you don’t have a cluttered photograph that will draw the viewer’s eye in a thousand directions. Make sure you focus on your subject and look around the rest of the frame before you shoot. You’re looking for elements that are distracting like telephone wires or large branches.

There are two kinds of photographs you can take of your garden. You can capture the overall feel of your garden, or you can bring your camera in for macro photographs that capture a single flower or leaf. For overall photos that capture the entire garden, let the shapes and lines of the space guide you. Try to leave out elements that will be distracting to the eye like posts that awkwardly sit in the picture. With a single blossom or leaf, let it fill the entire frame and leave the background out of focus.

These tips should help you take your photography to your backyard and create stunning photographs. The best thing you can do is practice with your camera and tripod during various times of the day with a variety of subjects.